A Blue Chip Pharmaceutical company in the U.K. appointed DECOM as Principal Contractor and Principal Designer. A water tank on site had failed its EEMUA inspection and it was decided to demolish the tank as it was located only a couple of meters from a live railway line. The client had never carried out this type of work previously and needed an expert to guide them and ensure that all work was carried out safely. DECOM worked on behalf of the client for a number of weeks making sure everything was put in place including permissions and possession with the railway.

Tank Dismantling

DECOM liaised with the client and demolition team, reviewed all RAMS and competencies prior to the project commencing, DECOM arranged for possession and isolation of the railway and lines from midnight and the tank had to be demolished during a 5 hour window. Following possession pipework was cut from the tank and removed, a high reach demolition machine was used to cut down and fold in the top of the tank, the tank reinforcing bands were cut and the tank was folded in on itself and pulled away from the railway fenceline. The whole demolition took under 1 hour to complete and the tank was left in a safe place for further processing the following day. The client was very happy with the outcome, the possession was handed back and signed off so the railway engineers could reopen and re-energise the railway in plenty of time before the first train due at 6am.