A Bluechip Power and Process Company who have a number of sites across the World required the support of a specialist decommissioning and demolition consultant to support in the removal of a process column connected to a chimney, Decom were appointed as Principal Designers and Clients Consulting Engineers, the process column had a number of issues, the structural stability was unknown and also had asbestos present behind the cladding which required full removal prior to dismantling. Decom produced all the paperwork as required by CDM

Process Column Demolition

DECOM issued daily permits to work, checked RAMS for the various sub contractors working on the project, checked crane lifts and were onsite throughout the work. The first phase was erection of sheeted scaffold managing ALTRAD scaffolders. Asbestos removal contractors carried out removal of all asbestos materials, the safest way for the process column removal was splitting it into manageable sections, a crane was used to lift off the ducting connecting the column to the chimney, the top section was then dismantled and removed to ensure any lifts were well within the capabilities of the crane, the main column was dismantled and lifted in 3 sections, the area was cleared prior to handover of the CDM are back to the client for future redevelopment. All work was carried out with any accidents or incidents, on programme and within budget.