INEOS is a global chemical company with 194 sites across 29 countries throughout the world. INEOS has a number of sites in the U.K. one of the largest being the Grangemouth site in Scotland. INEOS had a redundant plant that had been mothballed some years ago. The plant was in a unknown condition and required removal from site to create room for future investment in the Grangemouth Facility. DECOM were appointed to help a guide INEOS and to identify suitable demolition contractors to safely remove the plant.

INEOS Demolition

DECOM carried out a HAZDEC study this is used to ascertain the condition of the plant its decommissioned status and to highlight all the potential hazards and risks to the final demolition contractor that are not obvious. DECOM carried out the study and collated all the drawings and inspection documentation for the plant, this was used to create the scope of work to ensure all items are included in the scope, so no later surprises, also to allow a Pre Construction Information Pack to be produced as required by CDM2015. DECOM used a robust procurement process, this ensures that the appointed demolition contractor has an impeccable safety performance, the right industry experience, people, plant and processes to carry out a project in a complex process environment. All work was carried out on time, safely and to the original budget. The demolition contractor carried out the demolition safely with ZERO incidents or accidents.