DECOM were appointed by the client as Principal Contractor and Principal Designer under CDM regulations 2015. The client had a redundant warehouse and storage facility which required full demolition including breaking out 130 tonnes of reinforced raised concrete floors, a number of limitations were raised, this included the close proximity of a waterway which was a natural habitat to a number of protected wildlife species. All materials from site, over 99% of all materials from the demolition were recycled, the client received money back for all metals recovered, reducing the overall cost of the demolition significantly.

Warehouse Demolition

DECOM wrote all scope of work documentation, contracts and Pre Construciton Information as required by CDM2015 regulations. Decom liaised with demolition companies throughout the tender process and carried out a tender clarification meeting with the winning bidder to ensure all aspect of the project had been understood. Decom managed all work on site, issuing daily permits to work, trades included asbestos removal, demolition, civil engineering and steel erecting. Decom carried out audits and implemented our internal system of hazard spotting and reporting to ensure any potential issues were captured and reported before they become an accident statistic. Decom checked the demolition sequencing to ensure stability of the structure throughout. The structure was removed bay by bay back to the gable of a further warehouse, following demolition the area was leveled and a new concrete slab cast to allow the area to be used for storage and access for Fork Lift Trucks.