Decom were appointed as Principal Contractors and Principal Designers under CDM regulations, managing a number of contractors and supporting the client a major international petrochemical and power company in the demolition and removal of a storage tank, inspection and refurbishment of a storage tank and inspection, refurbishment and conversion of a further storage tank at its site in the UK. Decom were appointed early in the project lifecycle, the designers on the piping and equipment made a number of errors, Decom managed to capture this and ensure the piping and fabrication company installed what was required for the project.

Storage Tank Inspection and Repairs

DECOM issued daily permits to work and carried out daily meetings with all contractors and client teams, the first part of the project was removal of an above ground storage tank, Decom created all the tender paperwork, checked all lift plans were adequate and managed the removal and demolition of the tank, the tank was stuck to its bitsand base, Decom quickly came up with a plan that enabled the lift to go ahead and the tank was lifted into a safe position for demolition using conventional 360 machine demolition, 2 further tanks in the area were fully stripped, cleaned and inspected and repairs carried out to EEMUA 159 standards, to allow continued safe commercial use. One of these tanks was converted requiring installation of new pipework and plant in order to develop a new product. All work was carried out without any accidents or incidents, ahead of programme and within budget.