An international Power and Process Company employed Decom as specialist decommissioning, dismnalting and demolition consultants to support in the removal of a number of redundant storage tanks Decom were appointed as Principal Designers and Clients Consulting Engineers, the storage tanks had a number of live services running through the site and some supported from the tanks main structure, careful planning and sequencing was required as the services had to remain live throughout the demolition. Decom produced all the paperwork as required by CDM

Tank Dismantling

DECOM liaised with the client and demolition team, reviewed all RAMS and competencies prior to the project commencing, Decom managed all the isolations ensuring that all existing redundant live services to the tanks were carried out. Decom carried out a walk around with the demolition team and highlighted and marked all remaining live services. The tanks were fully scaffolded to allow hand demolition using cold cutting techniques only due to the close proximity of an ATEX area. The tanks were core drilled then cut using hand held nibblers from top down, ensuring the structural stability of the tanks at all times. Once down to 1800mm the tanks were pulled from the area and cut up using conventional machine demolition fitted with hydraulic shears. The project was carried out safely, on time and to the original budget.