NYNAS produces transformer oils, base oils, tyre oils, rubber oils, process oils and bitumen for paving and industrial applications. The site in the U.K. had a number of redundant buildings, storage tanks and plant that required decommissioning and demolishing. Some of the buildings were built in the 1930's and were contaminated with asbestos.

Bitumen Plant Demolition

DECOM visited site and carried out a HAZDEM with the NYNAS management and engineering teams. The HAZDEM is used to gather all information regarding the plants decommissioned state and is also used to create robust tender documentation, ensuring no surprises for the client or demolition contractor carrying out the work. DECOM produced all the CDM documentation and this allowed for selection of demolition contractors with the right experience and safety record to tender for the project. Following a robust tender process the project was awarded to the demolition contractor using the Bonus Malus system. The project included a number of vessels heavily contaminated with hazardous substances, this was managed paying particular attention to health safety and the environment. The project was carried out safely, to programme and budget.