Port of Blyth offers a first class port handling service with particular expertise across the offshore energy/renewables, decommissioning, unitised and bulk sectors whilst also offering first class logistics and training solutions.

The port was looking into potential new markets to allow utilisation of land that were not currently occupied within the port facility. DECOM was asked to undertake a study to look at potential uses of the port facilities to bring in extra income steams.

Port Facility Decom Study

DECOM management team attended site and carried out a survey of the various quays and deep water facilities at the port, DECOM were given a tour of the facilities and this identified a number of vacant sites within the port that could potentially be used for the decommissioning and dismantling of offshore structures. DECOM looked at water depths at L.A.T. (Lowest Astronomical Tide) at each of the quay facilities and through the main approach to the port, also the width of the port entrance to determine maximum vessel handling capacity. DECOM produced a report and delivered the final approved report to the Port of Blyth management team, the report determined the best available facility within the port and guidance on the various permits required and a plan of the civils, interceptor drainage and infrastructure required to safely decommission offshore structures within the site. Since the report was produced, the land is now used as a decommissioning facility, Port of Blyth gained the necessary permits and developed the first dedicated decommissioning facility at Blyth.


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