One of the largest Petrochemical companies in the world who produce a number of products from crude oil required support from a company to undertake the roll of CDM Principal Contractor, Principal Designers and Project Managers for the EEMUA 159 inspection and subsequent repairs and refurbishment of a 3.5 million litre above ground storage tank to allow continued commercial use. DECOM wrote all scope of work documents, tender documents and pre construction information pack as required by CDM.

EEMUA 159 Storage Tank Repairs

DECOM issued daily permits to work, checked RAMS for the various sub contractors working on the project. The first phase was erection of sheeted scaffold managing ALTRAD scaffolders. Altrad Laggers removed all cladding and insulation and their industrial cleaning division removed all contamination from within the tanks to allow inspection of the critical zones, roof, walls and chime. Following inspection all repairs were carried out by a tank repair specialist over a 16 week period also installing new manways and nozzles. The tank was painted, insulated and clad in AluZinc, the roof cladding in a special design ensuring minimal CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation). New pipework, pumps and valves were installed and clad, managing electrical engineers and mechanical engineers. DECOM managed the commissioning of the tank bringing it back into service prior to handover of the CDM are back to the client. All work was carried out with any accidents or incidents, ahead of programme and within budget.